Monday, July 2, 2007

I woke up at 11:30 this morning, and that's not too normal for me, I'm a major early bird. It's probably because I went to bed late last night, after a freakishly long day in an airport. I have a newfound hatred for airports. Airports in real life are nothing like they are in movies like Cruel Intentions or something, when Reese Witherspoon looks perfect going up this escalator in the airport with Ryan Phillipe waiting for her all suave-like at the top of the stairs. For one: people don't, or shouldn't, make themselves look perfect for an airport. Come on, its an airport. And two: I can't think of a number two, but number one seemed logical enough to me.

On the plane I had to sit in the aisle seat, constantly being hit with bags and suitcases and people trying to shove their stuff in the compartment above my chair. It's not so much different than sitting in the aisle seat when your on the high school bus actually, I'd rather take an airplane aisle seat over a bus seat anyday. A suitcase wasn't nearly as hard as a clarinet or tuba case slamming you in the face. I tried to ignore it by reading my book, The Catcher in the Rye, but that was a failed attempt. I didn't get to start reading until everyone was seated and the stewardessess passed out all their cheesy bags of pretzels that was really just one big advertisement for the airport itself. On the tiny pretzel bag was a set of instructions on how to eat the pretzels, I don't remember the rest except:

1) As you pick up one of our pretzels, be reminded of the very low fares Airtran has to offer.

That just about killed me. The pretzels weren't even that good, I don't even like pretzels, they're too dry and salty and hurt when you swallow them unless you have a gallon of something to drink nearby. But I ate them anyway.

It took me a couple hours to finish my book, when I really love a book there's nothing that will stop me from reading it. It was about this guy, Holden Caufield, whose my age who gets kicked out of private school and decides he doesn't want to go home, so instead he pretty much lives off the streets in New York. I really loved it, I know when I love a book is when I'm still thinking about it way after I read it. I'll be reading a couple books, about six maybe, at a time. I just have this habit, when I see a book that looks good, I'll just pick it up and start reading it, regardless of how many books I'm reading at the time.

I still have three summer reading books to finish, and it's not that they don't seem worth reading, I would've loved to read them if school didn't assign them to me. School really ruins good books that way. Because when you have to read something for school that would've been pretty good if you read them on your own time, you don't read them for fun; you read them knowing there's g0ing to be a test on what your reading. And when you realize this, you read every word as if that exact word is going to be on that stupid test, and you study and over analyze and re-read and re-read the same paragraphs over and over. School really ruins good books that way.

I'm gonna go work on some pictures from Vermont, I have about 300 left.